San Diego, CA – I made it!

From sea to shinning sea – 4037 miles! I could see the Pacific as I drove into Old Town San Diego and a much anticipated visit with my good friend Sally, previously owner the best fabric store in Asheville, NC (Waechter’s) and now the owner of the best fabric store in San Diego, The Spirit of Cloth.

We had so much fun catching up! We talked for over 5 hours non-stop and could have gone on for at least that many more. Of course, I have a nice bag filled with beautiful fabrics that I am returning home with. I really hated to leave but I had a big present waiting for me at The Shores Hotel in La Jolla – my #1 son Tobin, whom I haven’t seen in almost 2 years! Plus I get to meet his lady friend for the first time. I know he’s my son, but mom’s love to brag – isn’t he handsome? And tall?

He and Julie have lots planned for me to see and do in the short 4 days we have together. We wined, dined (at Julie’s sister’s Louise’s beautiful home with her cute husband Steve, who didn’t get in the picture!)

We went downtown LaJolla and saw the seals who congregate on the beach.

We went to the famous Del Mar racetrack to watch the ponies run.

We rode a double-decker bus to and from the racetrack with a driver who played the ukulele and sang Hawaiian songs

And the whole time Tobin and Julie made me feel they were glad I was there to share all of this fun time with them.

We did all of this in a day and a half and even managed to get the Jeep in to have it oil and filter changed, tires rotated and new front brake pads installed. Phew! But that’s just the beginning.

To be continued…….

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