Palm Springs, CA 8/31-9/1

I left Terry’s early morning on the 31st hoping to avoid some of the heat on the drive to Palm Springs. (4 1/2 hours) The Jeep has air conditioning, but it has lots of open spaces where it leaks out and hot air comes in and when that hot air is 112º, well guess which wins?

I had booked reservations at the Palm Mountain Resort & Spa for 2 days with one full day dedicated to a much needed massage and facial. I was told about this true gem of a resort from my good friend and couture sewing teacher extraordianire, Claire Shaeffer, who calls Palm Springs home. Though she wasn’t home while I was there, she highly recommended the Palm Mountain Resort and uses it exclusively for her hands-on workshops.

The resort literally backs onto the mountain which is at the end of Ramone Ave, one of the main streets in Palm Springs. I loved how it looks almost on fire as the sun begins to set.

My friend Carol from Prescott had a meeting near San Diego on the 1st and I talked her into joining me for a day of pampering and wine-ing and dining before driving the rest of the way to her destination. We both totally enjoyed our massage and facials and felt and looked at least 20 years younger! We had a great dinner at LuLu’s – the new “IN” place to dine in downtown Palm Springs. Oh, forgot to mention that the resort is located just 1 block from Palm Canyon Drive, downtown is literally just out the door and across the street. We strolled the street and enjoyed the people we say (Palm Springs most certainly does have it’s own ‘look’)

We saw this couple at breakfast. They were dressed ‘to the 9’s’ and completely matched each other. Even with her several facial adjustments, you could tell both she and he had to be in their mid to late 80’s. So nice to know they still get up early and put on the heels, the earrings, and carry a matching purse. There’s hope for me yet!

The other really funny thing we saw was Marilyn Monroe getting a wash outside where we had breakfast. It just struck us as really silly and I had to have a picture.

We found a Chico’s with a 70% off sale in progress, so after a wee bit of shopping, Carol hit the road about 11 a.m. and though I had every intention of hopping in the car and driving to Joshua Tree National Park, the 112º heat defeated me and I returned to my air conditioned room, rested, wrote a bit, hopped in the pool (which FYI, at that heat is NOT refreshing and the pool deck burns your bare feet!) enjoyed a leisurely walk through the downtown Thursday night open-air market, enjoyed a nice dinner and was asleep by 10 a.m.

On the road early morning on the 2nd and on my way to San Diego for the long Labor Day weekend.

I love the drive up and out of Palm Springs because of the huge wind farms that dots the mountainsides.

I just think they make so much sense and look so cool turning in the breeze.

Can’t wait to get to land of ‘perfect year-round weather’ where the temperature is 74º and the breeze off the ocean is just fabulous. Here I come……

Until next time….

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