San Diego Zoo and much more! (Sunday, 9/4)

The sun came out on Sunday and we were up early, had a great breakfast and headed to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. How much fun was it?

Well…we saw fabulous fauna..for which the Zoo is known for as much as their animals

The Pandas

The mama Hippo with her brand new baby (look close, the little one is kissing

The King of the Jungle – who paraded around for all to see his manly self!

An elephant name Devi who enjoyed jumping in the water for a swim and getting carrots from her trainer.

Two adorable giraffes.

And an cuddly koala bear.

We got an aerial view of Balboa Park from tramway and then drove through on our way out.

After a tour of downtown San Diego, we crossed the bridge onto Coronado Island had a late lunch with libations on the beach patio at the elegant and beautiful Del Coronado Hotel.

We were exhausted! Dinner was pizza delivered to the room where we all fell asleep watching ‘No Country for Old Men.’ We woke long after the movie was over, I sent the kids off to their room and I went back to sleep with a fresh sea breeze blowing in the window. Tomorrow is another day of fun!

To be continued….

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