It’s Hot!!!

All across the country the temperatures are soaring into the 100’s. The humidity is almost as high as the temperature and people are in general miserable. Here on the beach it’s too hot to even sit on the beach…the sand will burn your feet.

It’s not even refreshing to get in the ocean as water temps just keep getting higher and higher. And listening to the weatherman today, this ‘heat bubble’ is expected to last at least another week. What will driving across the country in a semi-topless Jeep in these temperatures be like?

I had a test on how this might work on Friday when I had to drive to Jacksonville, NC (68 miles and an hour and a half drive) in 99º temps. Since the Jeep does have A/C I rolled up the door windows, turned the fan to high and drove up Hwy. 17 hoping the cool air coming out of the vents would at least meet the hot air coming in under the bikini top and keep me semi-comfortable for the length of the drive. It worked – sorta – and this is how I will deal with the drive across Kansas! I am so looking forward to getting to the Colorado mountains and spending time in Santa Fe where the evening temps are in the 70’s instead of not getting lower than 88º (like here last night!).

I have started making piles of clothes and ‘must take stuff’ that I will need for my 2 months on the road. Shorts and T’s for driving days, mountain hiking, sightseeing, colorful skirts and blouses for nights out in Santa Fe and one ‘little black dress’ just-in-case.

Camera – √ Phone & charger – √ Laptop & e-reader – √ And the list goes on. Can you tell I’m getting excited? The countdown has started and I can’t wait until that actual ‘wheels-up’ day arrives.

Until that time…..


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