My Local Jeep Dealer…

Neuwirth Motors offered to give my Jeep-ster a complete check-over, rotate my tires and change the oil and filter for me – for free!

I had sent the GM all the information about my road trip which he thought was was such a great idea that he forwarded it onto Jeep corporate headquarters, in the hopes that they would like to ‘pick-up my blog’ as a Jeep advertisement.

I thought that if Jeep said yes, I could do something like Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome, only this would be ‘The Roaming Jeep – Where in the country I’m parked?’ And even though we never heard from corporate, I might just do this as part of the blog anyway. I think it would be fun.

But I did want to say a big, public THANK YOU to NEUWIRTH MOTORS. If you are interested in owning your own Jeep and live anywhere near Wilmington, NC, then this is the dealer to deal with:)

Tune-up is Saturday, wheels-up is getting closer each day! This silver-haired, slightly crazy, 65-year old lady is ready to hit-the-road and see what awaits. Just wish it would cool down a bit before I do!

Until next time…..

PS: When my tune-up was complete, the service manager thought my spare looked a little ‘naked’ and gave me a brand-new tire cover which says….JEEP and NEUWIRTH MOTORS, WILMINGTON, NC. Such a nice and subtle advertisement:) I said Thank You!

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