Life is so funny, don’t you think?

If we weren’t able to laugh at ourselves and the things in life that otherwise would make us scream and pull our hair out, we would all go crazy!

Why I’m laughing is that in the past week I have gotten emails from two big RV companies who ‘found’ my blog, loved it and wanted me to add their sites and businesses as links for my readers.

Now I was very upfront and honest with them, saying if they read my entire blog, you saw that I had to sell my Minnie Winnie when I returned to rescue my house from the renters-from-hell. That I now travel in 2001 Jeep Wrangler – over-nighting in hotels, motels or friends and family’s guest beds instead of lovely RV campgrounds.

Me & Winnie in Wisconsin

Good Sam Club, the premier provider of RV maps, insurance and great RV campsites asked that I let you know that I think that every RVer should be a member of this great organization. I know when Winnie had a huge blow-out on I-95 in the middle of Atlanta, they were the ones I called for roadside assistance and they were there immediately! Their Emergency Road Service isn’t just for those who own an RV. Their ERS protection covers household cars, minivans, SUVs, pick-ups, motorcycles and boat trailers. And the best part about it is that they will tow your vehicle to wherever you want it towed, even if it’s 100’s of miles away!

But the one I loved was a request from Their site covers everything RV, from buying or selling a unit, to the RV lifestyle to a listing of all the events across the country you can attend! I suggested to them that in return from my listing their link, they should cover one of their small RV’s with that ‘advertising skin’ and let me drive it around the country – a moving, walking, camping, talking advertisement! Haven’t had a response to that offer yet!

So does this show you just how much I miss my RV and the entire RV lifestyle? I do, I really do! If it had been possible, I would have sold my house in a flash and kept my Winnie and driven and lived in her until she or I fell apart. But as you all know, there’s a little problem with the housing market and that wasn’t possible.

But I still dream, lust after and envy every person I see driving down the highway in a big ol’ RV! And no, it’s not camping. It’s living life in a house-on-wheels and it’s so-o-o-o-o much fun! I wish everyone of you had the chance to try is sometime. I know you would fall in love with RVing as much as I did.

Until next time….

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  1. My Mom & Dad started out with a small camper on the back of Daddy's pick up! They graduated to a larger more deluxe camper & finally a large RV. They loved it! Sadly their time of using it was cut short because my Dad became a victim of lung cancer. We use to laugh & say if Mom had 15 minutes off work they hopped in the camper to head somewhere! They lived in Medford, OR where there plenty of lovely places nearby. I did a couple of day trips with them but no overnights. My \”dream\” trip would be to travel around the US in an RV just seeing where we/I went! It is probably not to be but that is okay!Enjoy the trip you are taking. Donna


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