The Vagarities of Life…..

What would we do without them? But sometimes life would be so much simpler and run so much soother without them popping up and into our lives!

I thought my summer road trip was all set. I had laid out my daily travel schedule, lined-up over 50 fabric shop stops along my route, and was actually to the point of envisioning what and how I should pack the back of the Jeep for my long, long journey and WHOP! Along came a damn vagary (n) an unexpected and inexplicable change in a situation or in someone’s behavior to upset all of my wonderful plans.

In other words, the sponsor I had lined up and I have parted ways. I won’t go into all the of the details (I don’t want to get sued for liable), suffice it to say I was fortunate enough to learn before I hit the road they they were not the type of business I would want to do business with.

But life does go on and I will still hit the road the first week in August and head West. The first month of my trip will not change. I still plan to meander slowly across the country, stopping here and there, visiting family and friends and sharing all that I see along the way. I will drive as far as San Diego where I will spend the Labor Day weekend with my oldest son before turning around and returning home…via Yosemite and Lake Tahoe…and then across the entire country till I get back to the other side.

I am going to especially miss the drive up the West coast, from San Diego to Seattle, visiting friends in Idaho, Minnesota and Wisconsin and a side-trip into Canada, but there is always next year!

So ‘adventure time’ has been shortened, but the ‘need to roam’ has not. And I am once more back to envisioning how to pack the back of the Jeep!

Until next time….

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