Meet My Neighbors

Thunder on the Beach (better known as Fall Bike Week) has come to an end. The majority of RV’s towing multiple motorcycles, have pulled out of Emerald Coast this morning – phew! Quite time once again. But I must admit I was amazed at the beautiful bikes (the bikers washed and shined them every single day!) and the RV’s were absolutely fabulous. Had to take a few pixs – especially the 3-wheelers! This particular rig, is a custom-painted huge pusher which had a matching toy hauler which was filled not only with 4 bikes, but a custom golf cart to drive around the park – just mouth-dropping. (A beautiful woman just drove by on her hot pink and white polka-dotted Harley – guess not everyone has gone yet.)

This weekend was also $1 day at Zooland, which houses all types of animals which have been injured or abused and can’t be released back into the wild. Winnie borders a very high wood fence which separates Emerald Coast RV from this property. I and fellow work/camper Nancy I took advantage of the low entry fee (us and 100’s of parents and children!) Of course I took my camera so I could document what’s behind my fence. Really glad now for the height of that fence as I found that the very loud and scary growl I hear now and then is coming from the black leopard which is directly behind me. The black bear cage is next to it. The peacocks and macaws are all over and ‘talk’ loudly whenever they feel like it. And as you can see, quite a few others add their ‘voices’ to my neighborhood. Sidney, the very friendly giraffe, thank goodness, lives up on the front end of the zoo – far away from me. Sidney is a sweetie but when he urinates, which he does often, the smell overwhelms every other smell in the zoo!

We are expecting 20+ work/campers to arrive this week. Mostly it will be the male 1/2 of a couple who is working, as we advertised for licensed carpenters. They will be involved with constructing a new shower/laundry at the far end of the park (we’ll then have 3), new fencing, huge landscaping projects around the lake, new RV sites also around the lake, and adding an addition to the clubhouse. Busy, busy! The owner flies in from California on Saturday which has everyone on edge. All I want is some of his $$ to enlarge the marketing program and buy highway signage for the park! The GM and his wife are hosting a party so he can meet all the work/campers, which should be fun. And now with the last, big, seasonal event over and traffic slowing down, I plan to go exploring and actually get to the beach this week!

Until next time….take care of each other.


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