Phew – I forgot how hard work is!

I’ve been here a month today – which doesn’t seem possible – and still have yet to really go sightseeing. I’m also trying to remember that I’m retired and enjoying my free time while working a 40+ hour-a-week job. But I love it and the people here.

I’ve gotten involved with and now represent Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort as their ‘face’ at the local Chamber. I still over see the activities and in charge of a couple, including ‘calling’ Bingo! every Wednesday night. And on Sunday I’m cooking ‘northern-style’ brats in beer for the resort’s Octoberfest celebration.

I finally got to see a sunset at the beach last night while listening to the fantastic Johnny Rawles play & sing great blues, Mississippi-style, at Pineapple Willy’s Pier Bar & Grill.

My fellow work/campers are the nicest folks and come from all over the US. It’s only the guys that are working as the resort is doing some major building projects this winter and advertised for carpenters, electricians and maintenance. I’m the only female they hired! Of course, can’t make everyone happy and the heat and the oppressive humidity have gotten to a few and they decided not to stay.

But today it’s perfect! We had heavy rains come through last night and this morning and as they departed so did the humidity and the heat. Right now the sky is a beautiful blue with big, puffy white clouds and the sun is shinning brightly with the temp hovering at around 77 degrees. It’s even forecasted to get down to 49 on Saturday night. Brrr. Decided to buy a heated mattress pad to not have to run my furnace, which runs off propane, during the colder nights.

Only a couple of new photos to post, but thought you who are experiencing early snow and cold rains would really love to see what a typical day at the beach is like here!

Well, that’s all my news for now. Until next time….take care of each other.


One Reply to “Phew – I forgot how hard work is!”

  1. Good to see you again, ReAnn;) I'd hate to see how many hours you'd be working if you weren't retired. Sounds like you love your life tho..that's great. Hope to see you on here again soon. sally


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