Life’s a Beach…..

…though I’ve been so busy working I haven’t gotten there yet!

But this places is absolutely beautiful and the folks I’m working with are really, really nice. Right now, through the end of October, I’m working a 40-hour week just so I can get up-to-speed and thoroughly involved with all aspects of Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort.

I’ve already attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting, designed a new print ad, sent out an email-blast to previous guests and helped planned the October Activities calendar. I’ll be calling Bingo on Wednesday night, leading the Tuesday and Thursday morning Fitness Walk and volunteered to cook the brats ‘Wisconsin-style’ for OctoberFest. The owner arrives next Saturday, but this week is wild! It’s Thunder at the Beach – the Fall motorcycle rally and we’re packed! Rumm…rummm. I am amazed at the size of the RV’s the are coming in towing huge ‘toy hauler’s’ that contain 2-4 bikes each! The amount of $$$ is amazing. Winnie sure looks little sitting in the midst of these Big-Rigs.

I thought I would make you all jealous with a photo I took sitting at my desk. What makes me jealous is when the pool is filled with our guests and I’m sitting behind a computer!

Like I said, I have yet to get to the beach – which is less than a mile away. And this week, with all the bikers, is not a time to even leave the resort. I’ve found WalMart, Pier Park (shopping and dining), the closest Publix grocery store, a branch of my bank and a good fresh, seafood store. For now, that’s enough. Next week I’ll venture forth and explore more. Oh – did ‘cross the bridge’ into Panama City proper and found TJ Maxx and the big mall. Just drove by – didn’t stop!

I’m looking forward to my youngest coming for the Thanksgiving holiday. My friends Don & Carrie, who winter in Ft. Myers, will be here as well, along with Big John from KS. It will be so much fun to have family and good friends with me for a holiday. AND I booked my flights to Sacramento for Christmas with Tobin and Courtney in their new home. All-in-all, it’s a great day! Hope you’re enjoying yours as well.

Until next time….take care of each other!


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