I am still constantly amazed by people…

and what they promise and then what they do or don’t do. I’ve been told that for my age I am too naive and take too much at face value. But I still want to believe the best of people and then am totally blown away when they turn out to be jerks!

Am I ranting? Well a little. All of us work/camping here at Yellowstone Valley Inn had learned, the hard way, over the past 4 months, that the man who owns this RV resort is a total jerk (and that’s me being nice!). We had stayed because we liked his wife, and to be honest, felt sorry for her. Several of the other RV campground owners had said that our boss was known for letting his work/campers go as soon as the season started to slow down. He would let the first hired (me) be the first to be let go – today! Still I was hurt and upset – who wouldn’t be?
My best friend is flying into Cody (on non-refundable airline ticket) on 8/29 and we planned to ‘see the Park’, overnight at the Old Faithful Inn and then head for Santa Fe and Taos on 9/1. So here it is, 3 weeks from that date and I have no where to park Winnie. The owner informed me he had rented my spot out starting Monday and if I wanted to stay (duh?!) I would have to pay his top price for this site – NOT!
So now I have until Monday to decide where and what I want to do until I arrive at the Cody airport Saturday afternoon on the 29th. I made a few phone calls and might have a 3-week job just down the road at another campground or what sounds like more fun would be to just ‘go see the West!’ I haven’t seen the Teton’s or Monument Valley or Bryce Canyon and I could even drive over to Sacramento and visit my son.
So tonight I will get out my maps and by Monday I’ll know where I’m going or if I’m staying and working close by – I’ll let you know.
What’s the saying? When life throws you lemons…… You that know me know that this is only a little bump in the road and I’ll be fine. But if anyone has a driveway or a little bit of acreage, and lives out West where I could park for a few weeks, give me a holler! ggggg
Until next time….take care of each other.

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