More Photos from my Yellowstone Photo Workshop

We found an osprey nest sitting on the tippy-top of a pinnacle in the middle of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. I took a picture of the pinnacle with my zoom and you can see just how close I could get – not very. But the nest is there. One of the other’s who took the class had a spot scope and I put my camera’s lens over the scope and clicked and you can see the 2 little guys sitting and waiting for mom & dad to return with a nice, big fish for their dinner.

I tagged along a little bit while one of the Park Rangers gave a great nature tour and I got to pear inside and take more pics of the really cool Yellowstone Tour Wagons. These were originally purchased for use in the Park in the 1920’s. At the time they cost $3,200. Just a few years ago, it cost over $32,000 to get them back and in working order. They have open roofs and as you can, very classy. Were originally used to bring wealthy guests from the train stations into the various Lodges in the Park.

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