Counting Down the Days…..

I think it’s like anything you do – whether you love it or hate it – you start to count the days when it’s over. As of today, I have 28 days remaining in my Wild West adventure.

I have loved exploring this part of the country and still have quite a bit to still to cram in before I leave. And there is still so much to see – Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, the Mohab, so I will return. But I am ready to move on – guess it’s the gypsy in me – and I’m really ready and looking forward to having trees, grass AND a beach as part of my everyday life.
This past week was filled with errands, doctor’s appointments, getting the Jeep’s tires replaced and the battery disconnect installed AND spending all day in the Park with Robert Turner ( professional photographer who’s exhibit “Rare Light in Rare Places” is on exhibit at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.
Friday night I and the other 11 participants gathered with the general public for a reception and lecture with Bob. The next morning we assembled at 8 a.m. at the Center and then worked out way into Yellowstone, making several stops along the way to shoot. Bob’s thing is landscape photography and he shared his thoughts on ‘filling the frame,’ why use a tripod, F-stops and so much more. We completed the day with all of us enjoying dinner 12 hours later at Pahaska TeePee. I learned a lot – including the fact (from finally reading my camera’s instruction book) that not only can it do a whole lot more than I thought, but I can add lenses – which I was told I couldn’t do when I bought it!
So I’m keeping the writing to the minimum and sharing with you just a few of the over 200 pictures I took yesterday.
Enjoy! And till the next time…take care of each other.

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