A Normal Week – sorta.

It has been very busy here at YVI this week. We have had every RV site filled every night, hosted a huge family reunion that took every cabin and motel room this weekend, and with the huge, motorcycle rally at Sturgis this coming weekend, it isn’t likely to slow down soon.

With yesterday off, our very cute, young and blond bartender and I hoped in my Jeep and decided to just ‘get away’ for the day, We headed to Red Lodge for their “Art in the Beartooth” annual art fair, do a little shopping and have a good lunch.
Red Lodge is an hour and a half drive straight north, about 30 miles into Montana. We parallel the Beartooth Mountain range the entire trip up, but the land is flat and high desert with Yellowstone River twisting and turning alongside the highway.
The little town was crammed with people – bikers, those attending the antique auto show, those there for the art fair, and those just enjoying an absolutely beautiful day. Mandy and I wandered around town, enjoyed the art, had a great lunch and did a little shopping. On the way home I stopped here and there to take pictures and exactly as we crossed the MT/WY border, my right rear passenger tire exploded! (see pic)
We got the jack and various wrenches out and had gotten the lug nuts off the tire. I was lying on the ground, trying to figure out where the jack got placed under the car, while Mandy (cute, young, blond Mandy in a tiny little white dress) walked over the the edge of the highway and…the nicest young man slammed on his breaks and said “Mam, do you need some help?”
Josh had the spare off and the tire changed within 10 minutes. Turned out he was a ‘real rodeo cowboy’ (he had real spurs on his boots), rode the broncs every night at the Cody Rodeo and was from just outside Raleigh, NC. Wouldn’t take a cent for his help but did find out when next Mandy was tending bar and something tells me we’ll see him out at YVI soon!
Got home safe and sound and tomorrow will go into town and price tires. I hate unexpected expenses – they are always expensive! Today, Sunday, I’ve done laundry, hooked up the hoses and washed not only the Jeep but gave Winnie a bath! She really need one after being parked in this dusty, dirty desert for the past 2 1/2 months. Then I too took a long shower and now plan to just sit, read a good book and relax the rest of the afternoon.
For those who asked, Cody has totally recovered from being de-clawed the first of the week. My body and the furniture will now last a lot longer and not be covered with scratches and fabric pulls.
Until next time….take care of each other.

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