Beachin’ Time

Well, it’s been 2 weeks since I arrived on Carolina Beach. First, the weather has been basically – – awful! The first week it rained and rained, poured and rained some more. The second week we had tornado watches and warnings and I just sat here, rocked back and forth – and prayed.

But it really has been a fun two weeks – showing off Winnie to all my girlfriends, who swear they are going to leave their spouses and come travel the country with me. Laura and Janet has been fantastic, giving me rides, feeding me, taking me places. Janet even loaned me her 3-wheel bicycle with big baskets to go to and from the grocery store. Believe me when I tell you this is not an easy bike to ride – wants to pull to the left and go through every ditch and hole it can find. But it will not tip – so that’s a good thing and I just love the tall stick with the flag on the bag so the car-folks can’t miss me!

Have thoroughly enjoyed having the library and a little grocery store in walking distance. Also the movie theater, a RedBox movie rental, the ABC store (NC’s answer to liquor stores) a hardware store and lots of restaurants. My hairdresser, the wonderful and adorable JoDell has given me free use of her car whenever she’s working and then there’s my good friend Beth, who lets me come to her place every two weeks and do my laundry. This past Saturday, my ol’ golfing buddy Bill, drove all the way from Brunswick Forest to Carolina Beach to pick me up so I could play a around of golf with my singles golf group. You learn very quickly how true the adage ‘out-of-site, out-of-mind’ means, and who your true friends are, especially when you are stuck and don’t have a vehicle.

On Sunday my friend Page drove over from Raleigh (we’ve been friends for almost 40 years!) to be my first over-night guest. The sun had come out, so I finally unfurled the awning and put out the patio chairs and tables. That lasted about 3 hours until the wind started whipping at 30 mph – again. We took a long, very brisk walk on the beach, did some shopping at Unique Boutique (favorite island clothing store) and took me to pick up the HD box (finally got my coupon from the government). Easy installation and now can watch television – all except CBS. Of course, CBS is the station that broadcast the NCAA basketball tournament and has this coming weekend’s Master’s. So will spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons in the local pub watching golf on their TV’s. Saturday night I’m invited to Janet & Bob’s to meet the neighbors and enjoy a pre-Easter dinner. Sunday Eloise will pick me up and we’ll attend church, do lunch and then go back to her place to watch the final round of The Masters.

FYI – Page gives the L-couch a “9” for sleeping-comfort, loves Winnie’s space, nooks and crannies

So as you can see, I have not just been lazin’ around every day. Still reading an average of 2-3 books a week and enjoying catching up with all the latest DVD’s, but spending time with my friends and hopefully soon seeing Son #2, has been so much fun. Next week I will have to unhook and drive across the bridge to the closest garage to have Winnie get her NC Inspection. Without that, no plates or registration. Then on-or-around the 15th will make her ‘official.’

Originally had planned to stay on Carolina Beach until 5/1, but the cost is horrendous for no services whatsoever. Just electric, sewer and water. No cable, no showers or laundry. But…they are across the street from the Atlantic Ocean, so they charge as much, if not more, than some the nicest RV resorts I’ve stayed in so far. Considering departing the 23rd of April and just slowly rambling my way West. If you’re on my way to Cody, WY (that means you are are in a reasonable distance (N/S/E/W) of the middle of the US, and have an electrical outlet in your garage I can plug into, just give me a holler – would love to stop by and show off my rig!

Until next time….take care of each other.


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  1. Hey Re, Think about Nebraska. Lake McConaughy/Lake Ogallala has some great camping with showers and hook-ups. Just south of Ogallala, NE off I-80 are a couple of good campgrounds. If it\’s an option, note it in your blog and I\’ll give ya directions. Otherwise, travel safe and keep blogging…your adventures are a great read!


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