Nothin’ Could be Finer than to be in Carolina!

Home – on the beach and settled for an entire 5 weeks – yeah!

The trip from Jacksonville, FL to Lumberton, NC was easy – the sun was shinning and the temps were warm. I was up early on Wednesday morning to make the quick, 2-hour trip to the beach and get settled in at Winner’s RV on Carolina Beach. Glenda & Shorty, the park’s managers greeted me and stopped me from running into a low tree and tearing off my awning – phew! Got me parked, leveled, hooked up and all set.

I spent about an hour getting stuff out of drawers and making Winnie look like home, then called my hairdresser, who is all of a 5 minute walk, made an appointment and got my hair cut! Then I walked 5 minutes the other direction, renewed my library card and made a quick stop at the Sea Merchants grocery store to stock up on a few essentials.

With bread, milk, juice, 3 new books to read and 3 DVD’s to watch (the only thing this park doesn’t have is cable access), I was ready to just relax.

Friends Marty & Laura came over yesterday afternoon for a visit and to see my new home. They both loved it and wanted to run away and join me! Think Dave and Bill might object, though.

Darling Son #2 sent a large packet of mail and today I will spend time going through all that, then dinner with my good friend Beth this evening. Doctor appointments set for next week, made a call off Craig’s List for a cute little Viking machine that I can travel with – can’t go all summer without the ability to sew – and this afternoon Laura is going to swing by and run me over to my storage unit so I can rescue my golf clubs, some clothes and a few household items I returned with from St. Kitts.

So normal life resumes. Even without a car, I can walk almost everywhere I need to go and a good friend just up and offered me hers whenever I needed to run an errand off the beach or go to the doctor’s. I do not even begin to know what I would do without my girlfriends!

I probably won’t update my blog now until I am ready to ‘wheels-up’ the first of May unless something really spectacular occurs. Right now that would be the rain to stop, the sun to come out and me being able to walk across the street and enjoy the beach!

Until next time….take care of each other.


4 Replies to “Nothin’ Could be Finer than to be in Carolina!”

  1. oh….surely you aren\’t going to make us wait another whole 5 weeks for a posting! I\’m sure that something will come up that just has to be that word even in the dictionary? Bet it will be soon if not already. My best friend, and our 12 year classmate, Cheryl Daily Jackson, doesn\’t even do email but I sent her husband your blog address and had him show it to her. She reall enjoyed it…so you can\’t just stop now. ( can you imagine not even doing email?..)enjoy your spring.


  2. Yes the envy runs green in these sandhills of Nebraska! Your blog is one of my highlights, so will miss your adventures til May. Hey, maybe you could blog about living from the RV til May? No house…just storage? Hm…I\’m gona down size my stuff, give to the kids what they were gona get anyway and hope I won\’t need storage ….should the day come and I get that RV of my dreams! Until then I\’ll just have to read what it\’s like via your blog.Take care


  3. I\’ve been following your blog also…will miss reading it!! I recently read your blog about your Peace Corp experience also. Very interesting. Enjoy your time off the road, and let us hear from you occasionally!Becky (Lotus)


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