Easter on the Beach

The weather cooperated and Easter weekend was fabulous!

Saturday friends Janet & Bob invited me over for a pre-Easter dinner and to meet all their wonderful and crazy neighbors and friends. Janet is one of those people who loves to decorate ‘on a theme’ and what better than bunnies? The chair covers were a hoot – as you can see! We each received our own, chocolate-filled basket (no Peeps) besides a delicious dinner served with much wine.

Sunday I woke, threw on my sweats and peddled to the beach for sunrise service at 6:30 a.m. The bright glowing ball of tangerine rose out of the sea while about 1000 people crowded the boardwalk to hear the message of Easter. A free pancake breakfast was being served for all those attending, but I had to rush back to Winnie, change into a more normal Easter outfit, as Eloise was picking me up at 8 a.m. to attend regular service at Unity. We were both so moved by the beautiful cantata that the choir performed and saddened that it was the last Sunday that our pastor would be overseeing the services here in Wilmington. Russell is off to become an associate pastor at a huge Unity Church in St. Petersburg. A wonderful opportunity – but he will be missed.

I met a very nice man at the Food Lion on Saturday while we were both digging through a pile of spiral-cut hams. He was bemoaning the fact that all the ones they had were so big – 10 lbs plus. I told him I had the same problem, and then asked if he would like to split one with me? Perfect solution, butcher did it in a flash and I got to have the yummy brown-sugar glaze in my 1/2 for coming up with the idea. So after church Eloise took me to her home where I baked ham, she did all the side dishes while we both sipped Bloody Marys and prepared to settle in front of the TV and watch The Masters. It was a wonderful day – we both even took a little nap, which a good round of golf on TV seems to always provide:) It was a perfect Easter weekend – thanks again to my dear and generous friends.

Now you might be saying, the picture of those two, curly, browned-eyed, sweet-looking things are not Easter bunnies! Nope – meet Harley (curly) and Angela (slick-haired). Brother & sister, 12-week old Chesapeake Bay retrievers who were my RV neighbors for the Easter weekend. Much better than bunnies – and what a pair of lovers and lickers. I wanted to steal at least one of them until I was told then would each weigh about 150 lbs when full-grown. Take a look at those paws and yep, they’re going to be big puppies! Just a wee bit too big to be an RV dog.

I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter. Until next time…take care of each other.


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