You’ve heard that song….

“I’ve been everywhere” – well, that’s what I feel like after 3 days on the road. I’ve been to AZ, TX, LA, MS, AL and now FL. Weird to drive through 3 states in one day, but that’s what I did today.

But I will back up. Finally got out of Kerrivlle, TX on Sunday morning. Still lightly raining and very cloudy. Got through San Antonio early in the morning but hit Houston about 2 p.m. – even on a Sunday, lots of traffic, and with rain, lots of fender-benders. ARGH. Overnighted on the west side of town and drove out of that great, big, wide state and into, out and through Louisiana and just inside Mississippi where I spent last night at the Bay St. Louis Marina and RV Park on the Gulf Coast. This lovely little spot was totally whipped out during Hurricane Katrina and now has new owners who are doing their best to bring it back. Almost all of the RV sites are for long-term boaters who come down for the weekends to fish and hit the casinos.

Arose at 6 a.m. and to my surprise – sunhine! This was the first sunny day since I arrived in TX a week ago today. Continued eastward through Mississippi, Alabama and into Florida. Tonight I am a ‘Tallahassee Lassie.’ Really pretty park, most of it completely filled. Each site has a big tree and picnic table.

Someone emailed about what it costs to spend the night in a nice park – ranges from $23 – $38. That amount includes full hook-up, which is electric, water, cable TV and sewer dumping facilities. Cheaper than a hotel unless you take in the cost of what the gas costs to get here.

I did learn a few things on this drive. I don’t like going over high bridges spanning lots and lots of water and tunnels are a little scary as well. The views from those bridges were magnificent, if I took my eyes off the road in front of me for 2 seconds. Most states have fairly good highways, AZ being the worst and LA 2nd. Otherwise, the ride is smooth. It’s fun to stop at a park or rest stop for lunch – stretch, walk around and even take a small nap. Most interesting part of the ride was in Louisianna crossing the Atchafalaya swamp and bayou. Just the thought of the people who plunged into these waters to build the 18-mile spillway across this snake and alligator-filed waterway amazes the imagination.

It’s cocktail time and time to kick back and enjoy a relaxing night – that is, if the kids next door quite down when the sun goes down!

Until next time….take care of each other.


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