Good Saturday Morning – from TX!

Yes, still in Kerrville, TX where the weather has been just awful. Now that’s coming from someone who would really like to be on-the-road heading East. The locals are so happy for the rain (over 5″ since I arrived) that they can hardly stand it. This part of Texas has been hard hit by drought and they are overjoyed when they receive any type of precipitation. But even they are not thrilled at the low temps (40) and the winds. The local weatherman says…clearing late this afternoon and continual improvement with clear skies for the next 10 days so it’s wheels-up in the a.m. and onward to Florida.

I must say I really lucked out when I stumbled into Buckhorn Lake RV Resort. It has the nicest people who have bent over backwards to make me feel welcome and not ‘alone.’ First it was a home-cooked pot roast dinner the night I arrived, then Thursday was a home-cooked chicken parmisian dinner. Then it was the fuse I blew by plugging the in toaster and the space heater at the same time and not knowing how to reset it. Next was my gas pilot light blowing out and no hot water. Being leery of anything gas, I was afraid to attempt to relight it. Monte from LaCrosse, WI and his lovely wife Julie were next door and Monte had both little problems fixed within, literally, 2 seconds. Duh! But now I know what to do. Life in an RV is just a new learning curve that I’m slowing mastering. I did say slowly, right?

Last night 33 of us went out for a nice dinner in Kerrville and then onto Fredricksburg where we attended a live performance at the Rock Box Theater- 2-hour show featuring good, ol’ rock n’ roll. This morning one of the ladies I met last night is picking me up and taking me to WalMart, lunch and to visit Kerrville’s very well-known fabric store! It’s time to start insulating Winnie with a fabric stash. I just think of all I could have sewn if I had a little machine and fabric to play with the last 4 days!

Tonight, my last night, is pizza night at the Barn. I’ve placed my order and paid up my account this morning so I can depart early tomorrow morning. I also ‘dumped’ all by myself for the first time. It was so easy and fast that I now don’t know what I was worried about. But I’m anxious to get moving. If the weather had been nice, I could have opened out my big awning and sat outside and met the folks walking their dogs (seems that ever RVer has at least 2 dogs per rig). Instead you do get a little stir-crazy sitting inside for 4 dark, dreary days. But I read 2 good mysteries and watched a lot of TV. The resort has 3 stations where they show a choice of 3 different, first-run movies each night at 8 p.m. You make your choice, pop your popcorn, click and there you go.

Tomorrow I will make it through San Antonio and Houston, stopping on the far eastern side of Houston for the night. Figured the best time to go through big cities is a Sunday so really the weather has worked in my favor. By Monday I will overnight in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and Tuesday in Tallahassee before arriving in Ft. Myers on Wednesday. Have canceled my trip down to The Keys because of the weather delay, but it’s definitely on my list for the future.

Must make my shopping list so will sign off for now. Have a good weekend and until next time ….take care of each other.


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