Basking in the Florida Sun!

For the past 5 days I have enjoyed the bright, warm sunshine of Central Florida – Ft. Myers to be exact. Because of the weather delay in Texas, my trip to The Keys was canceled and I drove to Ft. Myers to spend a wonderful time with my good friends Carrie & Don. They have a beautiful home right on the water where on the inland in the channel 1000’s of wood storks and egrets are nesting. Winnie was parked just a short 3-minute walk from their door.

We had a great time catching up, going to garage sales (I got a vacuum for $3 and a small crock pot for $2!) attending Florida’s largest flea market, and eating fresh grouper that Don and Carrie had recently caught. As you can see, Winnie (who still needs a name!) has gotten a bit more colorful with the addition of pillows and throws. Carrie took pics of me behind-the-wheel from the inside, and out.

On Saturday we drove to Ft. Myers Beach to visit with old friends from MN. How fun to see Jim, Carol, their son Jimmy, meet his beautiful wife and 2 children. And
I had the chance to spend Sunday afternoon and enjoy a delightful dinner with an old high school friend, Marcus Zillman, whom I hadn’t seen in way too many years. Dinner was spent catching up and bringing up names from our well-spent youth. We both decided we turned out pretty good for a couple of kids from Danville, IL.

Tomorrow I start the trip back to Wilmington where I will spend the month of April at the campground on Carolina Beach. With no car, it’s the perfect location as I can walk to the grocery store, the library, my hairdresser, the movie theater and….the beach is just across the street. I plan to depart for my summer home/job in Wyoming on May 1st.

Not a bad life, this mobile life of mine.

Until I arrive and settle in NC…..take care of each other.


2 Replies to “Basking in the Florida Sun!”

  1. Glad to see you back on the blog. Was wondering where you were. Sounds like a terrific time, you \’ve had. Beautiful pictures of the scenery, you and winnie. Can\’t wait to read more.


  2. Just loving this Re! I can \”identify\” with you about driving through Texas and Louisiana! Have great friends who live in Shreveport and go there alot! Also, I now know the \”route\” between Dallas and Nashville like it\’s my second name! I love being on the road… wish I had a \”Winnie\”… love ya


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