Summer in Yelllowstone!

I applied for a work/camp job online this morning and got a call and hired this afternoon! As of May 10th, I will be manning the front desk at the Yellowstone Valley Inn and RV Resort just outside Cody, WY. You can check it out at

Teddy Roosevelt said that this hidden valley, located just 30 miles from the entrance to Yellowstone Park, was the most beautiful 50-mile valley in the entire US.

I am totally excited. There are 4 other work/campers besides myself, one couple and 2 single women, plus kids from all over the world.

You’re all invited!

Soon-to-be Cowgirl Re

4 Replies to “Summer in Yelllowstone!”

  1. Wow, what a find! Your blog is awesome! I have always wanted to go on the adventure you are undertaking! I tried to buy my Dad and Mom\’s 5th wheel but I think fear and hearing the negative statement shouted at me by a drunk telling me I could never be a gypsy. We\’ll maybe not a gypsy since my blood line is considered Hienz 57, but I wanted to travel thus and work my traveling funds across the country. You give me hope that this dream may still come true….may God bless your travels and keep you safe.


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