Stuck in Texas!

With thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 35 mph, I made the decision to stay put at the lovely Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville, TX (just west of San Antonio). As you can see from the picture taken last night, that this park is really neat.

The big red barn is their activity center where I enjoyed a home-cooked pot roast dinner ($9) in the company of a really nice bunch of folks from WI.

Today I’ll do some re-arranging of stuff, scrub my floor, take care of my finger – which I sliced almost to the knuckle yesterday when slicing some chicken for lunch. Thank goodness I had bought a First Aid kit. I got those steri-strips out and patched myself up – had thought for a while I would have to find an emergency room and get stitches. Plan on doing some reading, napping, and just let this weather system pass before I head out to conquer the cities of San Antonio and Houston.

Tip of the Day from fellow RVers – the power of Scrubbing Bubbles. Yes, the bathroom cleaner. They use it for everything. When my tech guy did the walk-thru with me, the carpets were still damp from cleaning and he didn’t take off his big boots which were filthy with dirt and grease. They said spray the carpet with Scrubbing Bubbles and rub – it worked!

Until later….take care of each other


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