Under the Big Texas Sky!

I drove 341 miles today which included going through my first ‘big city’ – El Paso. I gripped the wheel so tight I thought it might break, I ground my teeth and wanted to just pull over and throw up! But I didn’t and I finally started breathing again once I was out in the wide open country – which happens as soon as town ends.

Texas is sure big – and the Guadalupe Mountains are a beautiful backdrop the the brown flat land. I had planned to stop in the little town of Balmorhea at the state park but when I called they only had ‘back-in sites’ – NOT! – going forward to hard enough.

So I kept driving until I reached Ft. Stockton. I’m in a very nice, family-run campground. No cable tv but a very cute, nice little restaurant where they serve homemade mashed potatoes (which barbecued spareribs for $7) and in the morning they make fresh, homemade biscuits & gravy ($4). And temperature sure warmed up as I drove further East. It rained all night in Deming, NM and was quite chilly. By the time I arrived in Ft. Stockton I tore off my long-sleeved shirt and threw on a pair of shorts.

Tomorrow morning is a biggie – I’m going to ‘dump’ for the first time. A very nice lady across the way wandered over and helped me attached the sewer hose and now, before I take off in the a.m. I will perform the dreaded deed for the first, but certainly not the last time.

I did want to share with you just one picture – Winnie all lit up at night, under a full-Texas moon.

Tomorrow I’ll head to Kerrville, which will put me right outside San Antonio and the next night, Brookshire, which is just west of Houston. This way I can tackle the last 2 big cities in the morning around 10 a.m. and hopefully miss at least the rush-hour traffic. Then it will be out of Texas and onto Louisiana and Arkansas before finally reaching the Sunshine State.

Until later – take care of each other.



One Reply to “Under the Big Texas Sky!”

  1. Must tell you that I admire your \’gumption\’ on tackling this big adventure of yours. We are newbies also and just recently went from a Class C to a Class A, both of which I haven\’t driven yet (but I do plan to). So you doing this all on your own, well, hats off to you. Enjoy and I will be following your adventure….Ruth


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