A short flight from the Isle of Man is Dublin, the capital of The Republic of Ireland. This time we chose VRBO for our residence for the 2 days we would be in one of my favorite cities.

My good friend and fellow sewist, Ruth, took the train from her home in Belfast to join us. She arrived wearing the fab Chanel jacket she had just finished from a lovely piece of Linton Tweed. Joyce and I had brought our colds with us which were only getting worse. We might be smiling, but we were not a top form!

Ruth was great and lead us around town to see some of the sites including Christ Church Cathedral and stops in a pub or two in the Temple Bar area. We had dinner at an extremely posh and trendy restaurant whose name I have totally forgotten.

The next day was Sunday and we seriously considered finding a walk-in clinic as our colds had moved down into our chests but didn’t have much luck. Ruth continued to sit as far away from us as possible in the hopes of not getting our germs!

We took the tram out to the seashore village of Howth for a delicious, just-off-the-boat fish lunch. I loved seeing the boats in the harbour and getting a pix of one of the locals in his yellow Wellies while Joyce and Ruth struck a pose outside the restaurant. Dinner was close to our rental and we all were in bed early!

On Monday morning Joyce and I took an Uber to the airport for ‘the final flight’ of our 4-month adventure while Ruth headed to the train station and her return home in Northern Ireland. It was so fun getting to see her and I look forward to taking her up on her invitation to visit in January!

We are now off to Lisbon where we will board our Holland America ship for the 12-day Atlantic crossing to the States.

Until next time…..

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