Snow on the road…

With Sunday and Monday off, my plan this weekend was to take off and ‘do’ the Chief Joseph Road – a scenic byway that starts in Cody, goes w-a-a-ay up over the mountains into Red Lodge, MT, and comes back down into Cooke and the north entrance of Yellowstone, past Mammoth Falls.

When I woke it was extremely quiet – which is odd for a large RV park – when the big diesels are normally warming up and getting ready to roll. And the morning light that streams in from my bedroom skylight seemed rather dim. Another cloudy, rainy day, I thought, which we have had for almost a week now. I opened the shades and – SNOW! Coming down quite steadily, white, wet, heavy snow – and it’s June 7th! As you can see, I grabbed my camera to capture the phenomenon (at least to this transplanted North Carolina beach-bunny).

And I’ve been up an hour now and it’s still snowing. It’s not cold enough to actually be freezing – my water is still running, thankfully – but no one seems to be in a rush to get out on the road. I’m guessing that the East entrance to Yellowstone is closed today – as you must climb to a much higher altitude to get into the main area of the park from this side. So my planned ‘road trip’ will just have to wait until summer actually arrives. I’ll spend the day reading, watching a little golf, and might even walk over to the lodge and let someone else cook me breakfast!

I’ve been told the rainy weather here in the West during June is called the ‘muddy season’ and of course, the farmers are thrilled to have the moisture. I guessing they’ll think this snowy Sunday is also a blessing!

Until next time….take care of each other.


PS – To add to my ‘it’s a small, small world’ book – Guests here at YVI this past week were the Schaak’s from Stillwater, MN, where we had made our home and raised our boys for 23 years. They live on Oak Glen Country Club and their neighbors are the Gifford’s, who were our Lake Jane neighbors for many, many years. We shared many ‘do you know?’ over drinks and dinner and it made being in the middle of this big country seem just a little smaller.

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  1. Hi ReAnn:We see you are experiencing snow!! It is only 53 degrees in Minnesota today and feels like it could snow!! We had some much needed rain yesterday and overnight.Take care and be safe!Anne & Fred


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