After spending yesterday sharing with you my thoughts on returning to Italy, I totally forgot one of the places that I have been dreaming of visiting, the beautiful, peaceful Villa Ferraia.

Nestled in the Tuscan countryside outside of Siena, Villa Ferraia is a destination in and by itself. My good friend, Francesca, has been telling me about this special place, one where she says I really must spend time and enjoy during my next visit.

Family owned and ran, the villa has been in existence since 1204 and is comprised of 3 adjoining but separate buildings. The 14 rooms are luxurious and the choice of services seem plentiful. Villa Ferraia would be the perfect setting for a wedding, a business retreat, or a family reunion.

Who wouldn’t enjoy taking a pasta-making class with their chef or spending a lazy afternoon horseback riding through the Tuscan countryside, and outdoor yoga class, swimming a few laps in the pool or talking an Italian language class? They even have an observatory! But what has really got me dreaming about is that Villa Ferraia offers a very special Winter Renewal for those of us who love to travel when the majority of others do not.

Their Tuscan Winter Renewal is for travelers who think outside the normal tourist box. These are visitors who are not interested in packages and don’t want to have a schedule. Instead, it appeals to travelers who enjoy surprises, discovery, and revelation, people who like to live in the moment and be free from the constraints of a predetermined timetable, people like me – the solo traveler.

While Francesca was telling me about Villa Ferraia all I could think about was how I would love a stay there after my time house and pet sitting over the holidays. This part of Italy normally swarms with tourists in the summer, but during winter, Tuscany would almost be all mine! Yes, that might mean chilly temps, even a little snow, but hey, that’s what I have ‘my Chicago suitcase’ always ready and packed with my down coat, boots, hat and gloves!

The Villa looks to be the perfect place to curl up on a comfy sofa in front of a cozy fireplace and lose myself in a good book; bundle up and take a long walk through neighboring Castello di Tocchi, a medieval village dating from 1100; enjoy an afternoon tasting of the local wines and cheeses; or perhaps I’ll just do nothing but stop, breath in the brisk Tuscan air, and be so very thankful to be alive and well and once again able to travel. Join me?

Until next time….

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  1. OMG — I’m in. Haven’ been to Italy since 2O13 and especially the Tuscan region since about 2006. Your “winter escape” sounds like a dream come true!!!😻

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  2. Sounds wonderful and I got vaccinated two days ago. In 4-8 weeks the second shot and soon after I have yet another passport.
    They say any vaccine is better then none. So i got a chance with AstraZeneca and I took it in spite of its bad rep. Hopefully i’ll live to see Italy again.


    1. Thanks, Jody. I am so pleased when someone likes what I write. As to Tuscany, it’s no more expensive than anywhere else. I always chose to stay in a modest, moderate-priced AirBnB or small hotel. Since I only sleep there, nothing fancy is needed. Transportation in Europe is so much cheaper than in the US. The budget airlines are just plain cheap and I love taking the train or bus and getting to know the other passengers. In Tuscany, I want to spend my money on food and wine, a great tour of the surrounding countryside, or even a pasta-making class.


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