It’s Time to Celebrate a New Year!

Finally 2021 has arrived after living through one of the worst years in modern history. Hopefully you and yours have made it to this point-in-time safe, well and filled with optimism for a much better year to come.

Cheers! As you can see , San Miguel de Allende decorated for the holidays. Though groups were not allowed to congregate, New Years Eve fireworks were shot off at eight different locations around town. I had a great viewpoint from my rooftop.

Since mid-June, I returned and have been hunkered down in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, MX. It has proven to be the perfect, if sometimes lonely and even boring place to endure a world-wide pandemic. Thank goodness for Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV and PBS Video. At least I always have something good to watch!

No holidays here have been celebrated! The huge celebrations normally associated with The Day of the Dead and Mexican Independence Day were cancelled. Touristas which would normally come by the thousands, were asked not to come to town and to wear a mask if they did or get arrested! Bars, even the Jardin in the center of town, were closed to gatherings. Some of those decrees worked – some didn’t – it’s Mexico.

The ex-pat community has lead a huge push for mask-wearing, social distancing and basically staying home. If you mention on the local blog that you are arriving in San Miguel, you will told to please self-quarantine for at least 10 days. It’s your contribution to keeping the rest of us safe and well.

I and a few friends have managed to enjoy a few meet-ups, mostly lunches and always, always at a restaurant with outdoor seating. Like you, I miss spending time with my friends, catching-up over a good meal and a glass of wine, ending our time together with a hug. God, I really miss hugs!

Christmas was quiet. Face-timing with your grandkids and children just isn’t the same as being there with them while they open their presents and tell you that Santa ate all the cookies and drank the milk they left for him next to the tree.

I did get my beautiful, hand-made Mexican tin tree out of storage and put up a few decorations around the apartment, but had no one but myself to see or enjoy them.

I ran away for two weeks in November to meet good friends, Debbie & Michael Campbell,, in Puerto Vallarta and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Pedicures are soooo soothing!

Debbie and I split Thanksgiving Day dinner duties. Cooking in an AirBnB kitchen is always an adventure in itself as you never know what you will find missing from what you would consider normal cooking supplies. I walked in and found that my place didn’t have an oven! I had brought the spices I needed, but wouldn’t you think every kitchen would have a mixing bowl? Not!

Debbie did the turkey, (she had an oven!) gravy, fresh cranberry sauce, plus a pumpkin and pecan pie. I contributed mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans and big green salad with fresh dill dressing. And a good bottle of wine was shared by all.

We spent several days at the beach under a rented palapa reading, taking long walks along warm lapping waves, sipping margaritas and dining on freshly grilled fish. Debbie and I took a Mexican cooking class at a hacienda high up the mountain with a spectacular view of PV below us. Our walk to the big veggie market called for a stop for our version of Covid-free margaritas. While sipping wrap your mask around the glass! In the evenings we three would play dominos and for our last beach day, we took a 40-minute ferry ride down the coast to the small village of Yelapa.

It was probably not my smartest decision to travel via air during this time, but I really needed a break and time spent near ‘big water,’ something I really miss living at 6000 feet in a high desert. My best Christmas present was learning that Debbie and Michael are soon returning to San Miguel and will stay until it’s time to fly home and get the vaccine.

Many of you have asked why I haven’t blogged more often? I admit, this is is my first post in months. But if you go back, you will see I have posted many times about life here and all the wonderful things to see and do in San Miguel.

No matter where you live, month-after-month, life begins to take on a normalcy, even during these very un-normal times. There is no theater or concerts to attend, tell you about and share the photos. There are no day-trips to interesting places to share. My life, even though I am living it in Mexico, is not very different than yours, wherever you may be.

But like you, I REALLY miss seeing my family, spending time with my friends….. and traveling! I cannot wait to once again pack my suitcase and head off to…. Japan or Canada or Switzerland or Ireland to finish our self-drive tour! I want to be able to house and pet sit; to wander the streets of a new city in a never-before-visited country; to immerse myself in a different culture and discover it’s history; to taste new foods, meet interesting people and make new friends! I just pray each day that this aging body remains healthy and able to indulge my seemingly never-ending desire to wander.

Please stay safe and well. Wear your mask. As you can see, even Frieda wears hers. Social distance when appropriate and drop me a ‘hi or hola’ to stay in touch!

Until next time….

10 Replies to “It’s Time to Celebrate a New Year!”

  1. Loved reading your blog. I think everyone feels about the same. Such a strange lonely year. You are very fortunate to be healthy enough to travel as you do. I don’t have the same wanderlust as you but would love to see my son and his family. I am lucky to have my daughter and 2 of my grandchildren here. Also hoping and praying we all stay safe and get the vaccine…and stay as healthy as possible.


  2. Nice to know you are still sheltering safely. Not much of interest here the last few days except snow, rain, freeze more snow rain and freezing expected. Pretty yucky. Sheltering safely too. Not planning on a haircut till I get a shot. A friend and her husband in in San Antonio had to get COVID texts last week because their daughter in law tested positive. Then “They announced on 10 o’clock news New Tears Eve that vaccine would be available thru U T Health Science Center to 65 age and up. Went immediately to the site and all the slots were full. 12,700 registrants in seconds. This whole thing is a nightmare. Biden has his hands full.” Every state seems to be handling it differently. Wish you well and a few more distractions

    Bib >


  3. Love your blogs even when there’s nothing much to blog about. Your photos are always great. I haven’t frogotten you, Im just not doing much of anything as things keep ramping up, but one of these days…..

    Happy, healthy, safe New Year. Linda

    On Sun, Jan 3, 2021 at 4:54 PM My Home on the Roam wrote:

    > ReAnn Scott posted: ” Finally 2021 has arrived after living through one of > the worst years in modern history. Hopefully you and yours have made it to > this point-in-time safe, well and filled with optimism for a much better > year to come. Cheers! As you can see , San Mig” >


  4. Many years ago, i wanted to settle just where you are. But time flew by. I recently decorated a skull with Day of the Dead fabrics. You can see it on my Facebook, or my blog, just a little video from the gallery. Vivian Helena artist. and also on my blog. Thank you for the many trips you took and the sharing.. I enjoyed your travels. Vivian


  5. You are lucky to have done as much as you have. Our lovely Illinois governor has us so locked down that many businesses will not survive. Seems like there are safe ways to keep businesses open. Plus the whole state is forced to suffer due to some distant hot spots. I fear it will be another whole year before we can do any traveling. I hope that we are still able to go places. Take care.


  6. ReAnn, you are a female version of Ernest Hemingway. In my eyes, you are the ultimate adventuress. In spite of making me a bit envious I thank you for posting your inspiring blogs.Oh, how I wish I knew people like you in my younger days. I am too stationary and doubt I’ll change much, but thanks to your posts I’ll see more of this wonderful world of ours then what I see sitting in my apartment. I am sure you make it more exciting then it sometimes is and that’s a good thing.
    Looking forward to the future exciting reads.
    Wishing you good health and a happy new 2021year. Let’s hope we can all be mobile in a near future. No more pandemic nor earthquakes! The daily post-earthquake tremors have me on my last nerve.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


    1. How lovely of you to say such nice things about my blog. i really write it for myself and as a record for my grandchildren so who still quite young, to know what a crazy Grandma they had. I will get back to Croatia when the world is back to normal! Promise!

      Until then – stay safe and well.



      1. Grandma is not crazy. Grandma knows how to live and enjoy life to the fullest. That’s a great message and inspiration to your grandkids.
        Let’s hope you can tell them about all your wonderful journeys in person whenever you want not just when world health organization allows us to travel.
        Thank you ReAnn.


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