After 96 Days….We’re heading home

When we depart on June 20th, Joyce to Atlanta and me to San Miguel de Allende, MX, we will have been in Portugal for 96 days.

We were to have been here for two weeks, one in Ferragudo and one in Lisbon, before flying home on March 31st. But then the virus overwhelmed Europe, flights were canceled, borders were closed, and here we stayed.

As you know from previous posts, this has been a perfect place to be locked down. There have been no reported cases of COVID-19 in Ferragudo and only a few in Portimao. We have felt safe here as the Portuguese took immediate action and self-quarantined the population, shut down all the businesses and made mask wearing mandatory if you stepped outside your door. It worked very well, and, for the past two weeks, the country has slowly begun to reopen.

This has given us the opportunity to go a bit further afield with the help of my friend Raquel, who generously volunteered herself as our tour guide and driver.

Since Joyce had never been anywhere in this part of the Portugal, it’s been her opportunity to see more of the beautiful sites that abound in The Algarve.

Our hosts/landlords, Maria Jòao and Jorge have also hosted us for several interesting and typical Portuguese dinners and picnics. Here are just a few photos of some of the places we’ve been and food we’ve eaten! (Don’t forget you can enlarge any photo to full-size by clicking on it.)

And, there was always something new to see and someone new to meet just wandering around Ferragudo – a good break from the constant new recipe hunting, cooking and eating we seem to have developed a passion for during the last 96 days!

I even got to meet the local ambulance drivers and several of the doctors at the Portimao hospital when I took a tumble into the middle of the street returning from garbage-dumping duty. Nothing broken, just scrapes and bruises, thank goodness. But, the locals came running out of their stores and restaurants and swarmed around me wanting to make sure I was ok, and they called the ambulance. Beware of those dreaded cobblestones everywhere you go!

I even celebrated another birthday with Joyce. Last year we were in Paris for that auspicious day – this time on our back patio in Ferragudo as the clock ticked over another year.

Getting out of here has not been easy – and we are still walking around with our fingers and toes crossed that the flights we have booked will actually fly. We both had either the first or last legs of our flights and even the entire flight canceled without warning in the last two weeks. Hours on hold waiting to talk to an airline customer service agent became a daily ‘thing’. But we think we’ve finally got things set.

Our plan is to train to Lisbon on the 15th and spend the four nights we had booked and paid for back in March in an adorable FeelingLisbonApartment located in Centro.

From there we both fly to Amsterdam on the 19th where we must overnight before catching our separate flights homeward on the 20th . Joyce has a direct flight to Atlanta. I fly to Dallas, overnight again before catching two flights (Dallas-Houston, Houston-Leon) that will finally get me to San Miguel de Allende on the 21st. Whew!

We both have packed a huge supply of disposable masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and gloves to keep us as safe as possible on our flights and strolls through numerous airports.

This will be my last blog post for awhile. I will be staying in my good friend’s home in Col. San Antonio where I will self-quarantine before going condo/house/apartment hunting to find ‘my perfect new home.’

Right now, my plan is to settle down – at least for a little bit. I’ve been invited to Medellin, Columbia to visit Cathy and Joyce #2, and, since I’ve never traveled to South America, I can see this being first on my new travel bucket list. Then my friend Anita wants me to join her and travel to Vietnam and Laos…and Egypt and Morocco. And of course, I won’t be going anywhere unless Joyce is along with – as she has stated in no uncertain terms. It seems I’ve turned her into a vagabond as well!

My life is still a new adventure just waiting to happen. I thank each of you so much for reading my blog. It’s fun having you travel along with me and I’ve enjoyed reading your encouraging comments. I hope you’ll continue to do so when I once again take off to explore another part of this big, wonderful world!

Until next time…..

11 Replies to “After 96 Days….We’re heading home”

  1. Well, you have definitely put Portugal on my bucket list. I want to stay where you have been with your landlord. I hope your return trip is not more arduous than it already sounds. Maybe the vaccine will be ready by the time you are ready for your next expedition.


    1. I’ll be more than happy to introduce you to Maria and Jorge. I introduced another couple who I met on The Senior Nomads Facebook page and they just signed a lease for 6 months with Jorge for in my little house in Ferragudo.


  2. I will sure miss the adventures of ReAnn and Joyce! So happy that you are both getting home, finally, although, I can’t think of more lovely place to be “stranded”! Safe travels, fingers crossed, to you both, and I know you will find the perfect spot to land in Mexico! Please stay in touch! Much love to you both!


  3. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Always fun to follow along. As much as we would like to do some more traveling, we are just going to do the driving around the U.S.A. if that is still possible in the coming year. This is a crazy world right now. And we enjoy where we are for the moment.
    Blessings and please keep sharing, great fun for those that love to follow what mischief your adventures bring along with the education about what a large amazing world we live in. I have traveled several times as you do, although it is all so different. I just got on a plane bus and found a city, looked in the train station for a place nearby to stay, and that is how I did it eons ago. Oh to be younger and more adventurous. So glad we did it then. Look forward to more of your adventures, and would love to see what SM looks like now if you care to share. It was one place I considered 30 years ago, but change of circumstances, but holds a special place in my heart.


  4. Since I can’t go to the silver shop I started painting again. Pretty rough for me I haven’t done this for 15 years. Maybe the silver shop will open up a few months from now I hope I hope. Like your blog fly safe Allan

    On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 9:39 AM My Home on the Roam wrote:

    > ReAnn Scott posted: ” When we depart on June 20th, Joyce to Atlanta and me > to San Miguel de Allende, MX, we will have been in Portugal for 96 days. We > were to have been here for two weeks, one in Ferragudo and one in Lisbon, > before flying home on March 31st. But then the” >


  5. Safe travels, ladies! It’s been fun following your ” quarantine adventure “. Look forward to those to come. Just don’t forget to make arrangements to vote in Nov!


    1. I am taking my ‘stimulus money’ and flying back to the States to vote in person. Even though I am very much involved with Democrats Abroad, this year I do not trust my absentee ballot being counted, especially in the very RED state where I’m registered to vote.


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