…amongst the tall corn stalks and green soy beans of southern Minnesota when my youngest son took for his bride the fabulous Melissa.  I met the new Mrs. Scott on a MegaBus ride between Madison, WI and Chicago in October 2014.  She was headed to Chicago for a weekend break from studying for her Doctorate and I was returning home after a week of ‘seeing the leaves’ Up Nord with old friends.

We quickly started talking and when she learned that I was a widow, she thought I should meet her single father, a dentist living outside of Madison.  Since I knew for a fact that men in the neighboring suburb of Oak Park won’t drive the 8 miles into the big, bad city of Chicago for a date, I knew for sure her dad wasn’t going to drive from Wisconsin!  But the more we talked the more I was convinced she would be perfect for my youngest, single son.  The only problem – he lived in NC and she lived in WI.  ‘So drop him an email’, I suggested, and ‘tell him how you had met his crazy mother on a bus and he’ll understand.’  And she did…and as they say…the rest is now history!
I flew in from Frankfurt on Sunday afternoon.  Starting Monday morning a frantic 3 days of shopping with my good friend Carrie ensued as no, I did not have dresses or shoes or pants or even jewelry that would be classified ‘wedding attire’ in my 19″ suitcase!  Add to that were appointments for hair, nails, toes and dinner with old friends.  
And then on Thursday, during a most perfect summer weekend, even with severe storm warnings in the forecast, 3 days of celebration began.  
From the Thursday evening gathering at the beautiful home of Melissa’s mother Patsy, where the tiny Scott family met the large and extended Kasper family for the first time; to the wonderful lunchtime cruise of the 4 inter-connecting lakes that wander through downtown Fairmont; to the rehearsal on the back lawn of the magnifcent lakefront home of Melissa’s 94-year-old grandmother (who so generously offered that location for the wedding celebration); to a fun ‘burgers and beer’ rehearsal dinner at the Channel Inn; to the the actual Big Event on Saturday night, the temps remained in the low 80’s with a brisk breeze that kept the renown MN State Bird (think large mosquitoes!) far, far away.  
Everything was PERFECT!
After viewing the following photos, you must agree that the Bride is exceptionally Beautiful, the Groom is quite Handsome (if I do say so myself) , the flower-girl was adorable, (of course she’s my granddaughter!) the location was picture-perfect and the Scott’s (all but 4) were assembled en mass to be part of this wonderful occasion.  
Welcome Mrs. Melissa Scott – We love you and are thrilled you are now part of our Family!
Until next time…..


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