So everyone has asked “what are you taking in your 2 tiny bags?” So I thought I would take a picture for ‘show ‘n tell’ and  tell you what I’m taking.

Looking at the rows starting from left to right and working from bottom to top …
Row 1 – 2 green oblong bags contain undies and socks and scarves, etc. Larger black rectangle contains all of my clothes! T-shirts, pants, tights, skirt, dress, sweater, fleece. Small black square is electronic equipment – cords, plugs, earphones, etc. Black bag just above is makeup for purse.
Row 2 – Journal that was a gift from my son and his beautiful wife. Mini atlas 
 and  guide book. Sandals, Bernie Mec dress shoes, and the black bag is my toiletries (my traveling bathroom/medicine cabinet )

Row 3 – Little black square bag is ‘stuff’. Like duct tape, batteries, portable clothes line.  Little red bag is my jewelry. Bigger red bag is a Bagalino cross-body purse for everyday use . 1 pair of flip flops to use as house slippers and in strange bathrooms.  And my iPad in its Zagg keyboard case – my link to the outside world.

Row 4 – Little blue case has blow-up pillow, eye mask and ear plugs for use on the plane. Little green bag is just some extra stuff and will probably be combined into another bag.

And that everything!  I’m wearing my tennis shoes and all of this will go into my 19″ roller carry-on suitcase and smallish backpack. Traveling long means traveling lite!  And remember – there are stores everywhere – so if I don’t have it or need to replace it – not a problem!

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