I purchased the first leg, the ignagural flight, the scariest part of the RTW trip on Friday!  It’s now a REAL thing – money spent, non-refundable ticket – ARGH!

I had originally hoped that fly from Chicago to Iceland to Athens, but being flexible is one of the mainstays of this trip and when the cost of air tickets started to rise for Spring travel and I found it was cheaper to fly direct and enjoying a layover in Iceland, I chose cheap.

So first stop – ATHENS, GREECE

Second Stop –  ROME, ITALY
Fourth Stop – MADRID, SPAIN
This will take me from May 1st to May 30th.  I will fill in all the blanks of what I did, where I went, who I met, what I ate, and lots of photos as the days progress. But just wanted to let you know – I DID IT!  
Until next time…..

5 Replies to “I DID IT!!”

  1. You're my hero. Heroine! I can't travel at the moment but your vision, your trips are very inspiring. Iceland is one pf my dream destinations.Vancouver Barbara


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