Trucker Babe Signing On!

WheW – moving is just no fun. First I was told I needed a 16′ truck, but then Penske was nice enough to up me to a 22′ for no extra charge. I thought great, bigger is always better. But my local store only had 26′ trucks, which they were going to let me have for the same cost – but of course, the cost of driving that much bigger of a truck across country would cost way more in gas and I tried like crazy for them to get me in the promised 22′ – but that didn’t work. So they took some $$ off for the larger size and I drove home the 26′ footer – THANK GOd!

The two guys who came to load the truck worked 3 more hours than had been estimated – for a lot more $$ – but my 26′ truck is stuffed literally to the very top and all the way to the back door! Not one inch of space is left. If I had insisted ont he 22 footer I would have had to leave 4 feet of stuff in NC!

As it is, when I thought I would be on the road by noon, it wasn’t till 3 p.m. I bid adieu to my little house by the sea and headed on the first leg of my road trip to Chicago. Pulled into my youngest son’s cul-du-sac in Raleigh at 6 p.m. Grabbed a quick shower and dashed off to dinner my son, good friend Page and broker/good buddy Matt Archer. Delicious Indian food and then to bed really early – which is why it’s only 5 a.m. and I’m wide awake and typing!

Plan to be wheels-up by 7 a.m. but forecast is that we will be driving into some pretty severe thunderstorms. Keep your fingers crossed for a safe drive and a few prayers wouldn’t hurt either.

Until next time….

4 Replies to “Trucker Babe Signing On!”

  1. So glad you are headed this way…and letting us, once again, be a part of your journey. The journey doesn't stop when you get to your new doorstep..take a pic or two of that stuffed truck! And of your co-pilot.


  2. Good heavens – you're driving a 26 footer? My house is 20' wide – I'm adding 6' to that & thinking … \”I could do that. If I never had to turn a corner, pull off the road, hit the brakes hard, or, well, pretty much anything else other than drive straight!\” You GO woman! May the rest of your journey be safe, and may you unpack & settle in with joy and promise 🙂


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