The only good thing about these super-highways that criss-cross our country is that they get you where you are going fast! On the other hand, they are so mindlessly BORING. The exits all have the same things – a gas station and usually a McD’s where you can grab a bite and hop right back on the road. Driving the posted speed limit, which you must if you don’t want to get run over by huge trucks, costs much more in gas money than meandering down the side roads. I filled up the Jeep 4 times yesterday going 75 mph for 9 hours. I could hear my gas tank going ‘gobble-gobble-$$$.

For the past 2 days I have driven over 9 hours each day and yesterday I drove over 600 miles to reach St. Louis and stay in my friend Ellen’s beautiful home and comfy guest room so as to eliminate another night on the road.

I once again crossed the great, big, flat state of Kansas, only this time on the top side. I drove past Abilene and Independence and Topeka and Kansas City, never once stopping to take a picture – I would have gotten side-swipped by a trucker if I did.

I arrived safely with a very numb bum and slept like a dead person. Up this morning doing laundry, enjoying not going anywhere and being followed around and loved by Mimi and Henry, Ellen’s 2 loveable King Charles Spaniels. Tonight is the annual fund-raiser for the Missouri Humane Society with drinks, dinner and a much-anticipated ‘ballon glow.’ Lots of pictures from that I am sure to take. The weather is gray and chilly, but the sun is forecasted to come out. I hope so as I didn’t pack for colder weather….speaking of which….

If I could have had someone take a picture of me driving the past 2 days in the cold and the rain, I would have, as you would have giggled yourself silly. I jerry-rigged the shower curtain, that has done stellar duty keeping my seats dry throughout this trip, behind my seat, through the seat-belt mechinisim and tucked into the window, thus eliminating a lot of cold air that blows in because there is not top on the car to keep it out! I had on the following…
1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of heavy socks, hiking boots, 2 t-shirts, 2 sweater, 1 sweatshirt jacket, 1 heavy sweatshirt, 1 blight blue rubber rain slicker with hood, which I had covering my freezing ears! I looked like a big, blue Michelan Man! but I stayed fairly warm. Oh, also had a blanket coverning my legs and the heater going full blast. You realize quickly you just do what you can do and drive on.

Until next time…..

2 Replies to “INTERSTATES – YUCK!”

  1. Hi Re,I don't know how you would even move with all that on! šŸ™‚ You have certainly had an adventure. I can hardly wait to get started on mine next month, it won't be anything like yours as we will have to take some of the more direct routes to where we are going. All that said I am sure it will still be a great trip.I loved your pictures of the open road. What a great country we live in. Can't wait to see more of it.Enjoy the rest of the journey & the time where you are now.Donna M


  2. ReAnn I have been enjoying your posts and your trip. I had no idea that you weren't able to close up that model jeep with zippered plastic or a rolled up canvas top. I sincerely wish you good (and warm) weather for the rest of your journey and hope you don't get sick.Did you stop by the Sewing Workshop in Topeka or have plans to stop by?


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