Canyon Road

Our last day in Santa Fe was spent exploring the art galleries that line this 1-mile street in downtown Santa Fe. We found that their claim of 1000 art galleries in a one-mile stretch was true!

We found galleries that specialized in beautiful paintings; galleries that specialized in life-sized or larger bronze statues..

And galleries that specialized in a little bit of everything…all were interesting and all were totally out of my price range!

But looking at, trying to understand and just being near art is an uplifting experience. It broadens your appreciation, fills your minds-eye with amazing colors and images and somehow makes my life better just knowing that such talent exists in today’s world.

For our last evening in town, we literally drove across the road and enjoyed a delicious dinner and a breath-taking sunset at the Encatando Resort. Ahhh…….
it was a perfect way to end a great, 5-day stay in Santa Fe.

Until next time….

2 Replies to “Canyon Road”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love art work, many different types. I'm trying to improve my photography but have a long way to go. The creative gene mostly missed me!I responded to the email you sent me re: Yosemite. Hope you get it okay & that it is helpful.Keep enjoying, stay safe. I think you are meeting your son this weekend. Donna


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