Santa Fe, NM – Indian Market

When my good friend Ellen asked if I was interested in meeting her in Santa Fe for this year’s Indian Market, I jumped at the chance.

I have always loved Santa Fe – the smell of the pine in the air, the way the light changes constantly as it moves across the mountains and how the adobe houses blend into the landscape.

Ellen arranged for us to stay at Rancho Encantado which is in Tesuque, about 5 miles from downtown Santa Fe, close to the famous Opera House. Our neighbors were from NY and professional musicians. He played in the Opera’s orchestra and she sang in the chorus and they were here for the entire season.

Santa Fe has it’s own style – and Indian Market really brings out those that have adapted the Southwest-style of dressing – both women and men.

I had fun just clicking pictures of the Market’s attendees. Over 20,000 people pour into Santa Fe to attend Market each year. Store owners and collectors, plus just ‘normal’ people like us who enjoy seeing all of the wonderful artwork.

For the first time this year not only the surrounding tribes and pueblos were represented, but the native American tribes from the Northwest and Alaska were invited to participate. They stylized art work is much different than the plains Indians of the Southwest.

On Sunday was the Indian costume and clothing show. This little darling stole the entire show – and you can easily see why. She loved getting her picture taken and was very happy to pose for anyone who asked her.

We attended Market both Saturday and Sunday. Several of the artists said that they had people waiting at their booths to purchase pieces at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, even though the show didn’t open until 9 a.m. – and it was pouring at that time. But those that collect this artwork have their favorite artisans and want to make sure that they add the newest pieces to their collections.

Ellen and I both bought a few pieces to bring back home. I personally added to my earring collection, but to be honest, after 2 days of looking at booth-after-booth-after-booth, it all started to look alike. Sunday morning we once again had rain and it was cloudy, so the number of attendees was down, making walking along the rows of booths so much easier.

Both days offered dances and drums and singing to keep everyone thoroughly entertained. Though I would probably not return specifically for Indian Market again, I will most definitely return to Santa Fe. There is so much more to see and places to explore here.

Until next time….when I will take you to Ghost Ranch, Georgia O’Keefe’s home, and a tour of Santa Fe’s Canyon Road.

This is the bush that caused me nose and my eyes to water and me sneeze and sneeze and sneeze! Thank goodness for Claritin. It saved me. Several people have called this bush by several different names – but all I know is that even though I normally have never been effected by allergies, but I really am allergic to this bush! If anyone knows for sure what it is, I would appreciate knowing – so I can stay completely way from it.

2 Replies to “Santa Fe, NM – Indian Market”

  1. Shoot! I lost my comment!! :-)I don't know what that bush is so I am no help. Wouldn't your friends know?Your visit at the Indian Market sounds interesting. I can relate to everything looking the same after you see a lot. The brain seems to only absorb so much!I'm looking forward to reading your post on the visit to Georgia O'Keefe's ranch as I enjoy some of her work.Till the next time…Donna M


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