Catching Up – Once again. Creede, CO – Taos, NM

Once again I have been in places without a wifi connections. I left Creede early morning on Tuesday, August 16th. The drive down to Taos, NM was one of the most spectacular I have ever driven.

From Creede I took Hwy 160 up and over Wolf Creek Pass, where one of the largest ski resorts in the southern part of Colorado (elevation 10,867 ft.) is located. They are still working on what the locals call ‘the million dollar road’ but whatever it cost, it sure was nice. They have a pull-off just past the summit where I took a bunch of photos of the glorious view. A lovely lady volunteered to take my picture along with the view, which I normally never do.

. .

The next stop was a pull-off a little further down where I really zoomed-in to get a photo of Treasure Falls. Not running nearly as fast as it does earlier in the year, it’s still was a pretty sight to see.

When I reached Pagosa Springs, I turned south on Hwy 84 and crossed into New Mexico onto Hwy 64 and toward Chama. After a quick stop at the Visitor’s Center in Chama and a nice lunch, I took scenic Hwy. 64 through Tres Piedras and much of the Kit Carson National Forrest into Taos. The cloud formations and immense sky make one just stop and stare, take deep breathes and marvel at the grandeur of this country. I was waiting for a band of Indians to come riding up over the ridge with John Wayne and the Calvary close behind.

Pulling into Taos is like returning to an old friend. I have loved this little town, which has grown a lot, since we first visited it after a water association convention in Albuquerque many, many years ago. (The year Haley’s comet was last seen in the sky.) This time I chose to stay overnight at the lovely, quaint Touchstone Inn, Gallery & Spa.

Set back off the road, this original Mable Dodge owned location is quiet and tranquil. It is filled with and serves as gallery space for local artist Bren Price. Her colorful pieces decorate the walls of the common and guest rooms.

Brad & Amber Gorden manage the Inn and I was immediately made to feel at home and welcome. They are both gourmet chefs and breakfast, which is included, is not to be missed. And it’s served at the really respectable time of 9 a.m.! Steaming coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a choice of delicious, homemade entrees are an every-morning occurrence.

For dinner I only had to walk less than a few minutes to reach The Love Apple, where I enjoyed one of the most delicious meals I’ve had since hitting the road. A garden salad with warm, baked goat cheese and fresh peaches followed by trout roasted in corn husks with a side of polenta, and ending with a watermelon glacee all enjoyed with a split of sparkling white wine – oh YUM!

The very short walk back to The Touchstone and a wonderful night’s sleep on their big, comfy queen-sized bed. Perfect.

In the morning after breakfast, a wee bit of shopping and walking around the Taos plaza (had to visit one of my favorite fabric stores…A Common Thread

… before heading south to Sapello and a visit with ‘beach friends’ Gerry & John.

Until next time…..

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