Stops along the way…

Ever since I was little, I have loved picnics. Not the ants or flies, but just sitting outside and listening to the birds and looking at the sky and nibbling on something delicious.

I purposely brought along a little cooler with those blue ice blocks I could stick in a motel freezer to keep pop and food cold for a day. I’ve found running into a local grocery store to pick up ready-made sandwiches or sliced veggies is a quick and cheap way to eat when on a long road trip.

By not driving on Interstates, you come upon some of our amazing state and national parks.

Driving into the Ozarks I was enveloped by a large forest and not soon afterwards I saw the sign for Big Springs.

I had read about Big Springs and my cousin had told me to be sure and stop because I wouldn’t believe the color of the water. And she was right!

I drove into this beautiful setting, just a few miles off the highway and came to this tumbling, roiling water the color of a robin’s egg.

Walking paths and picnic tables had been set along it’s bank – the perfect place to grab my cooler and take a respite from driving. I and just a few others enjoyed this tranquil spot. I walked over the bridge to where the springs came pouring out of the cliff.

Though there was no signage saying it was the minerals in the springs that turned the water blue, it had to be. All I know it was it was such a lovely surprise and a great way to enjoy a quite picnic lunch before starting the trek across Kansas.

Until next time….

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