Catching Up

I’m trying to do a little ‘housekeeping’ before my next ‘real’ post. First, you might have noticed that my route map has changed. Because I have SO many stops, the online maps will not lets me create a map with all of them. So I thought I would start with where I am as of today, 8/12/11 (1982 miles away from home!) and continue from there – that worked! As you can see I’ve added Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Boise and St. Louis and Charlottesville, VA on my ‘return’ stops.

Also, I found a new RV that I was so bad!! It was sitting alongside the road in Maryville, TN quit near where cousin Mary lives. I begged her to stop – which she did – and we called the owner who came over the hill to open the door and show me the inside –

2009 Diesel Mercedes engine, less than 5,000 miles driven, one huge slide, beautiful stainless steel and wood inside, back-up camera, leather seats… Be still my heart! Even had the tow package included. I really think I need to seriously consider selling the house and moving back onto the road full-time until I am no longer capable of driving safely.

Okay – got those 2 things cleared up and now onto the next stop along the way…..

One Reply to “Catching Up”

  1. wow! Re, just catching up with your posts!I can't imagine a home on a wheels. I guess I need to be anchored to the ground. A home away from home on wheels though would be great. Let us know if you decide to take up this lifestyle.


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