The Jeep now has it’s Summer Look!

The hard top came off last weekend, thanks to the strong backs of my young neighbors (it takes 3 people to remove and put the hard top back on!) My oldest son contributed to the new ‘summer look’ by presenting mom with the new back cover for my birthday. This cover keeps the dust and rain off everything I take with me, plus keeps stuff out-of-sight when parked. I am still thinking about how to secure my belongings under the duster. Though the back gate locks, and I do think it would be noticeable if someone was seen slicing through the duster with a large knife or trying to rip it off, I’m thinking my bicycle lock and coil chain wrapped around my suitcase would be the perfect added security.

The front seats are covered by a ‘sunlight bikini top.’ This top has 1000s of little light holes which lets some light in but keeps the heat and rain out – sorta. As it only covers to the door frame, if it does rain, the driver’s left, and passenger’s right side will get wet. I always keep my golfing rain suit in the car for just these occasions! With the widows rolled up, you’d be amazed how well the air conditioner/heater works – even though there is no ‘back window.’

Parts of my route have been determined by where my friends and family live. Of course, they were all so thrilled when I announced I was coming to visit! No, seriously, they were. Then just this week my best friend Ellen invited me to join her in Santa Fe August 19-24 for the annual Indian Market, an event I have always wanted to attend. She’s rented a condo and I just have to ‘cook and provide wheels for the week to pay for my room’! I’ve also been invited to stop and visit with friends from Kure Beach who have a home near Taos. I am so lucky to have friends who live in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

I’ve also been working hard contacting prospective sponsors for the trip and things are looking up. Ideally I would like to work one or two days each week while I’m on the road, writing articles, interviewing people, moderating focus groups and taking photos of everything I see to share with you.

Until next time……enjoy the official start of summer!


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