Getting People Interested…

in my upcoming ‘little road trip’ is what I have been working on for the past month. When I realized exactly how many miles I was planning to drive, how much gas that would take, and in turn, how many $$ each tank will cost to fill, I had a brilliant thought….why not see if several publications, organizations and websites might not be interested in ‘sponsoring’ a portion of my trip.

So far I have contacted Jeep (Why not go Big! It is one of their great little Wranglers I will be seeing the USA in.) I started with my local dealer, Neuwerth Motors, who not only volunteered to give me a total and complete check-up and oil & filter change – for free – before I leave, but also have the contact to pass along my proposal to at Jeep headquarters.)

Next I have sent article proposals to both AARP and AAA. AARP to do articles on ‘a woman traveling solo across, up and around the US @ 65’ and AAA to do articles on all the wonderful places I visit and stay (using their fabulous Tour Books and Tripix) It was their Gas Mileage Estimater that helped me realize how many tanks of gas I will need.

My friend, Heather Claus, founder and publisher of 365 Days of Sewing works closely with both BurdaStyle and Nancy Zieman, came up with the suggestion that I should involve my passion for sewing and fabrics as part of my trip. Her idea – stop and visit every single fabric store I find along my route – to see and write about who…and what…America is sewing today.

That idea in turn lead to me contacting The American Sewing Guild , a national organization made of up sewists that I have been a member of since the early 1990’s. With Chapter’s located in all 50 states, I thought I could easily stop in for a visit with those located along my route. Not only would it make for a interesting article or two in their member-publication, Notions, but perhaps a live ‘webinar’ broadcast during my visits on their website would be interesting and fun.

So right now I am just waiting to hear back from all the people I have contacted. I received a huge box from AAA with all of the state maps and tour guide books I had requested. I will spend the time I will be laid-up after my knee surgery on Thursday, surrounded by great reading materials and colorful, magic markers to highlight my various route choices.

(Isn’t this fabric great? Found it at my all-time favorite fabric store – Vogue Fabrics, Evanston, Illinois

Until next time…..


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