I moved to The South to avoid the grueling winters that I had endured in Minnesota and Chicago and what do I get when I arrived in Raleigh – 6″ of snow and then sleet on top of that! And of course, the city does not begin to have to removal equipment to handle such a Big Storm. They closed the airport and schools have been closed for 3 days and the side roads are still a mess. It’s really funny looking at it as a Midwesterner. Six inches would be nothing ‘up North.’

Oh well….here I sit in the living room of my son’s home waiting to move back to Wilmington on the 16th of the month. Winnie is in storage and I still haven’t decided what I will do this coming summer.

With job offers in Oregon and Michigan, both 5-month stints, I do have options. But maybe I’ll stay put and wait and head further South in October. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Right now I am so BORED! Watching way too much TV and reading an average of 3 books a week. It would have been great if my best friend, who lives in Durham, was home. But she’s off exploring Mexico for 2 months. Oh well – just 2 more weeks. Have already gotten the basics set up – trash, electric, water, cable – ready to turn or install when I arrive. Had my property manager do a ‘walk-thru’ of the house last week to make sure the renters, who were not happy, were not destroying the place. But she says it looks really nice and well-cared for – so that’s certainly a ‘good thing.’

I miss the road. Imiss working. I miss meeting the new folks who come into a RV park on a daily basis. I miss getting out and seeing parts of this country I have never seen. I guess that sounds like I won’t be ‘home’ for long. Will keep you posted.

Until next time…take care of each other.


One Reply to “I CAME HOME TO SNOW!”

  1. Hi ReAnn..so glad to see you on your blog again..even tho you're not traveling these days. Snow in the south is a downer but hopefully it won't last as long as it does up here. We are due for a huge snowstorm today. .. 3 to 5 inches with blowing and drifting to come later. Hope you find your house all in place and okay when you go back in a couple of weeks. If not..you'll have something to keep you busy while you decide what to do about the summer months. Keep us posted 🙂


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