Moab – Continued

What a glorious place! Jim and Sue, the owners of the campground, let me take off and ‘play’ and explore whenever I want. Yesterday Sue invited me to go on her morning walk (think hike!) with her friends and all their dogs – 6 labs. Not only did we hike way back and up into the hills, I ended up with a pair of ‘dyed’ red rock socks. Now they sell T-shirts, etc. out here that have been colored with the red clay dirt for lots of money. I found you only need wear a new pair of white sock with your hiking boots and you got lovely pair you didn’t have to pay a penny for! And no, the color doesn’t wash out.

Late yesterday afternoon I drove the highly-recommended Manti-LaSal Loop which winds through the rugged Colorado River canyon, over the rolling Castle Valley flats and then high, high, high up into the LaSal mountains. I just loved the little, 2-lane road with switchbacks that were 90 degree turns, no curves, with over 1000 foot drop-offs and no guard rails! I only met a few other cars the entire 3-hour trip, so I hugged the mountain-side! But the views were worth it!

From kayak-ers frolicking in the river, to unbelievable towering rock formations, to a vista that takes your breath away – pictures can’t begin to show you just how beautiful it was. But I think what got me the most was driving through the Manti-LaSal National Forest. Located high, high up on top of the mountain range, covered with pinion pines, it is the site of a recent major fire. And there, growing tall and straight amongst the blackened branches of the dead trees was one, lone sunflower. Many people have and can say it much better than me, but to find beauty in the midst of devastation, new life starting where the old had been destroyed – well, it makes you stop and think.

Until next time…..take care of each other.


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