"Recommend" Cody

This past week the owners of YVI allowed most of the staff to participate in a 3-hour trolley tour of Cody called “Recommend Cody.” This tour is designed to educate those of us who are the ‘faces’ of our respective businesses to be able to tell our clients what to ‘see and do’ while vacationing in the Cody area.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the trolley company owners, Margie & Mike do a great job. I had hoped we were getting their ‘historical tour’ of Cody, but instead we did see some pretty cool stuff and because we were part of the tour, we get the opportunity to return to all the places we visited (9 minutes each stop) either for free or at a reduced rate.

We started at the magnificent Buffalo Bill Historical Center (which I joined earlier in the week), then made stops at the BB Damn & Reservoir, the preserved Old Trail Town, a collection of original structures from as early as 1883, that have been moved and reassembled on the outskirts of Cody (includes the Hole-in-the-Wall gang’s bar and mountain-man Jeremiah Johnson’s cabin), the sculpture gallery of Vic Payne, who creates all the massive, bronze pieces for Cabala’s Sporting Goods stores, the Murals of Mormon History at their Visitor’s Center, the Miniature Village where they have created the entire history of the Indians vs. the white settlers in miniature, a couple of songs by Dan Miller and his crew at the Cowboy Music Review, the Dug Up Gun Museum and of course, the Cody Rodeo. We also stopped briefly at the Irma Hotel, named for Buffalo Bill’s daughter and ran by BB and his family for many years. And then there are these huge piles of antlers that you see all over the area. People use them for decoration, incorporate them into lamps and all types of home-decor and since there are so many deer, moose and elk hanging round, lots of antlers!

I now feel I could recommend what I feel would be the most fun and interesting venues when visitors only have a limited amount of vacation-time to spend in Cody before heading into Yellowstone.

Today is Sunday and the weather has turned cold and rainy. I was planning to go into town to attend church, but had the fore site to call and make sure that service-times that were posted on their website were correct. Learned that today was the first day of their summer-service schedule and church started in 15 minutes! Since I was still in my jammies and it’s 20-minute drive into town, there went that idea.

So today turned into a good day to update this blog and clean house. I will head into town later to spend a few hours walking around and enjoying the museum and return a vacuum that doesn’t do the job. I have all day today and tomorrow off – yippee – and don’t have to put my smiling face behind the front desk at YVI until Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. Hopefully the weather will clear tomorrow and I can spend tomorrow driving around and do some sightseeing.

Until next time……take care of each other.


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