I just met my neighbors!

I’m just sitting at the table, having a little lunch and happen to look up and what do I see out my window but a few of the neighbors. I just opened my door and snapped their picture. They are so used to people that they didn’t even blink. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t eat the big bunch of pansies I had just bought for my picnic table!

The deer population is huge! Driving back from Cody today I had to stop as a herd crossed the highway to join more that were in the field. There had to be at least 200, if not more, just grazing in the field next to the road. Pity the person who tries to have a garden.

The last few days have been rather windy – like I thought Winnie was going to blow over!! Thirty and 40 mph gusts all day and night. I was actually rocked to sleep the last 2 nights. The temps nose-dived and this morning I woke up to frozen water lines (had to use the campground showers) and the radio reporting that our entrance to Yellowstone was closed because of inclimate weather (that means snow!). The peaks were totally covered this morning.

I ran into town to the bank this afternoon, so decided why not just wander. Found a fantastic quilt shop and bought a few patterns and a little fabric:) Then walked Main Street, up one side and down the other. Lots of absolutely beautiful – and very expensive – western wear. I drooled over a pair of boots and of course, must at some point get a hat! Talked to a bunch of folks and had a really nice time.

Tomorrow, John, a very nice rancher/lodge owner who lives a couple of miles down the road is Wapati, has invited me to go on a very early morning tour/photo shoot into Yellowstone. I am so excited. The report is that there have been lots of bear, elk and moose sightings. I promise to post pictures.

Until next time…..take care of each other.


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