Casper to Cody!

What a way to spend Mother’s Day – calls from both my boys to wish me a great day and a drive that took me through some of the most beautiful, desolate, mind-blowingly beautiful, rugged, magnificent country I have ever seen. I can’t begin to describe in words what I experienced – a feeling of being insignificant in such a wide-open spaces, under an azure sky, with hardly any other vehicle sharing the road with me so early on a Sunday morning.

I made my way slowly, and in some instances, just barely crawling along, stopping at every opportunity to take pictures which don’t begin to do Wyoming justice. You just must see it for yourself.

I arrived at my ‘home’, the Yellowstone Valley Inn and RV Resort, located between Cody and the east gate of the Park at 12:30 p.m. They were packed with over 300 guests enjoying the season opening Mother’s Day brunch. I just jumped in and started cleaning tables, greeting guests and answering phones. Got to meet quite of few of the folks I’ll be working and living with and all seem quite nice. Tomorrow I’ll get Willie off the trailer and return it to UHaul then find the Direct TV serviceman, as my antenna only picks up 3 very fuzzy stations. Wyoming isn’t going HD in June, like the rest of the country. Seems that things happen a lot slower here in the West.

Until next time – enjoy the pictures and take care of each other!


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