Winnie Had a Baby!

Meet Little Willie, so named by previous owner’s Eric & Eileen of St. Paul, MN. This wonderful young couple are the long-time, best friends of my youngest son, and Eric is the best car mechanic ever! So when they asked if I would please stop by on my way West, it was so very easy to say yes! They live in Lake Elmo, the Scott family home for many, many years. It has been so much fun to visit and be welcomed by a couple who I have know since they were teenagers, and tour the old neighborhood on the back of Eric’s new toy Harley.

Sometime during the one of our conversations the fact that at some point in the near future I was going to have to purchase a little car which I could tow and use getting around to places where it is just impossible to take Winnie. Sightseeing is limited because of her width and girth and so is getting in and out of shopping centers!

Eric said that he was interested in selling the cute little, black, 2001 Jeep Wrangler Safari he had sitting in the drive (known as ‘little Willie). A few telephone calls and 2 hours later, off we went to the DMV to sign the papers. We picked up a trailer from UHaul, as no one had the exact trailer that would haul a Jeep in stock, got it all hooked up and then took a test drive around the lake and then out on the interstate. Everything worked just fine, drove perfectly.

Tomorrow morning Winnie and I will head off to South Dakota and a visit to the Cow Palance with a new member of the family literally in tow!

Until later…take care of each other.


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