Publicity is a Good Thing!

Below is a link to an article that ran yesterday in Market Watch (which is owned by Dow Jones) about health care costs for seniors. In the 3rd paragraph, it links to the story in Next Avenue (Read: ‘Some people think we’re nuts’ — how these senior nomads travel the world — even during COVID) that mentions me as well as my good friends, Debbie & Michael Campbell – the Original Senior Nomads.
I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Cheers – Until next time.

Celebrating my latest birthday, Sam Miguel-style.

6 Replies to “Publicity is a Good Thing!”

  1. Hola Chica

    Spoke with Dr Ortiz and she said there are 8 connected muscles in the area of your wrist that need to be worked on with your situation. She believes she can help you to reduced the pain and inflammation. She asked that you email her.

    Second thought I’m so so so so so so so so tired of SMA drama queens. More for Friday night.


    Sent from my iPhone 415-265-8023



  2. Some people “think” you are nuts, and some people “KNOW!” it for a fact!

    You look so happy and pretty!


    Jo Kimball Cell CT: 203-780-1351

    20 River Bluff Road Haddam CT 06438-1342



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