It’s almost Halloween and though we have decorated the clubhouse for the holiday and will have a big potluck dinner that night, there will be no little kiddies knocking on our doors wanting treats. Except for Spring Break and summer, this is truly an adult park and the gate is closed at 5 p.m.

I have been working my 40+ hours and still love my job. Calling Bingo is a hoot and I cannot believe how people really care about winning a $7 pot! This Friday is my last night in charge of “Movie Night.” We’re showing The Proposal which will be much funnier than last week’s Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The ‘snowbird’ who has been in charge of this activity in the past returns November 1st and will take over.

Sunday Lorrie (GM’s wife) and I drove to Destin, a hour away, for a fabulous arts & craft show which was held right on the beach. Beautiful day and wonderful, high-end art. We stopped for lunch and more shopping on the return – a perfect day and I forgot to take my camera! Sorry.

Friday I have a friend coming in to visit from KS. Good friends from WI will swing through for a day mid-month and then return for Thanksgiving and just heard that folks I met in Cody will be here for 4 nights the first week in December. I asked to work only my ‘required site hours (24)’ during the month of November so I can play!

There is a medium-sized probability that I will be back in Wilmington the first of the year. My renters, both of whom work in the home building business, are waiting to see if they get a big contract they bid on the end of November. If they don’t, they will vacate the first of January. My property manager says the chance of finding another renter is going to be really hard, as everyone who would be trying to sell their house can’t, and are renting instead. The market is glutted.

So I have the following options….Go back, get my furniture out of storage, give some to Son #2 who by then will be living in his very own home; leave some in the house and try and rent it again, partially furnished; or stage it and try to sell; or just move back to Wilmington for awhile. I would really hate to give up my RVing and traveling around the country. It has been so much fun. I’ve seen more of this beautiful country than I’ve ever seen and met some really wonderful people. Will just have to wait and see what happens.

Until next time….take care of each other!


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